Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Medals and Race Numbers

Hello!! I am getting really excited about the 4th Fun Run! We are 1month away!!! I ordered race numbers today. They are customized this year for all of ya'll that like to hang your numbers up and save them. Also, I am looking at getting medals for the little kids this year! So if you have a little one that plans to run, PLEASE PRE-REGISTER!! So that they can for sure get a medal!

On that note- PLEASE PRE-REGISTER!!! You can save $5.00 per race for the 5 and 10k events, and $2.00 for the 1mile.

Also- Kids not yet in school (under 5) are FREE!!! I forgot to put this on the race flyer. They are enough to handle as it is without having to pay for them :-) (Can you tell I have a 3.3/4 year old?)

Lastly, BIG thanks to all of the sponsors and donors that are coming through for us.

See you in a month!-Mary

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