Friday, April 25, 2014

Race Sponsors!

Hello & Good Day!

I am writing to request a donation be made to the Vale 4th of July Fun Run, to be held on Friday the 4th of July 2014 in Vale, Oregon. We are a small town located 15minutes from Ontario, Oregon, and 115miles from Boise, the closest “big city” to us. The Vale 4th of July Fun Run is hosted by the Vale Chamber of Commerce and the Vale High School Cross Country Team. All profits benefit the Vale High School Cross Country Team.  I am attaching the registration form for this year’s race so that you can have a better idea of the events we are putting on. This is an annual event, and the third year the cross country team has helped to host and benefited from the profits.
We are asking for donations to help off-set the cost of putting on the race, so that all proceeds may go back to the students. Our school is an Oregon 3A, meaning less than 150 students graduate each year. We also live in a high poverty level area. All of this means that our athletic budget is very low, and that many of our student’s families cannot afford to offset it. Our goal with this year’s profits is to provide each of our runners with team gear, and pay for fees so we can go on a team Race Trip!! (Location TBD…more runners/donations, better location J
Below is a list of sponsorship levels. By becoming a sponsor your name will appear on our flyers, registration forms, blog, and Facebook Page. Along with these promotions, as the Assistant Coach of the team, I will gladly recommend my athletes to support your store/business.

Gold Sponsorship- Title Sponsor
Silver Sponsorship-Shared Sponsor
Bronze Sponsorship- Shared Sponsor
Donation items

Feel free to contact me with any questions. You can also visit us on our Facebook page@ Vale High School XC or blog site:
·         Gold Sponsorship- Title Sponsor. Large Company Logo on all promotional material, including race day t-shirts (at least 3” tall x proportionate width on shirts!). Amount: $800.00 or greater! This makes it so the shirts or lunch bags (our greatest expense is FULLY covered (woohoo!!). You just sponsored the biggest expense THANK YOU!
·         Silver Sponsorship-Shared Sponsor. Medium Company Logo on all promotional material, including race day t-shirt (2” space on shirts). Amount: $100.00 or greater.  This helps us cut down on the expenses of the shirts/printing/signs/advertisement that goes into making the race possible. It is a huge help towards getting the race completely paid for.
·         Bronze Sponsorship- Shared Sponsor. Company Logo on all promotional material and shirts (1” square if wanted). Amount: $50.00. Goes towards everything! Shirts/printing/signs/advertisement cost, and Prizes.  We have 4 grand prizes for overall winners this year, at $35.00 each. We have medals for all FunRun (1mile) kids runners and age group winners at $40.00 a set.  This donation would cover those and more!
·         Donation items to be used as prizes or give-aways. We draw names from all those entered in the race for give-away prizes.  This can be just about anything you choose to donate (new of course), and is a great way to get our customers in your doors as well. Gift Cards/Certificates are perfect for this donation as well as new items (Shampoo, Bags, Braclets, etc…) If you have your own business and would like to donate something this is a great way to do it.

We try very hard to only have one BIG fundraiser all year as we know your business gets solicited all year. Money or item donations in any amount are greatly appreciated. In my mind, running is a lifelong sport and makes for a healthier person both in body and mind. By helping us promote running, you are in turn, helping promote better people in our school and community.
            Thank you for your interest, and if nothing else please come join us on Friday, July 4th for the Vale FunRun, 10k, 5k or 1mile!

 Mary Chamberlain- Assistant Coach!