Monday, July 7, 2014


First off let me say, it was a great race!! Though numbers were down (due mostly to the rodeo running so late), we still had a great group of runners, walkers, and young sprinters out for the morning. It is the 3rd year the Cross Country Team has hosted the event, and every year we learn something new about how to make it better. We had some great sponsors including: Roman's Parts and Machinery, Maag Angus Ranch, Bandanna Running in Boise, Andersen Ranch, Riverside Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Saunders Towing and Repair, Nicolas Accounting, Dairylain Farm, Malheur Drug, Road ID, Logan's Market, Curves, Hawleys Meat Packing, Marcheck Ranch, Jamieson Produce, Y-1 Farms, Willowcreek Store, and Graphixwear. Along with numerous local businesses that donated door prizes. We do have t-shirts for sale from the race if anyone is interested reply to this blog or call Mary Chamberlain: 541.473.3167. $5 each or 5 for $20, until they are gone; sizes range from 2xl to youthSmall (no smalls left). With the proceeds from this race and sale of shirts we hope to go on a few running trips this season, and buy some much needed new equipment. Thank you all y'all that came out to run and support our team! - Coach Mary

Place Bib# Name Time M/F Age Age Group Winner
1 31 Beau Belnap 6:16 M 13 Overall Male
2 21 Josie Wright 6:41 F 11 Overall Female
3 5 Tessa McFetridge 7:05 F 13
4 22 Madison Cobb 7:17 F 10
5 1 Clayton Smith 7:19 M 14
6 20 Natalie Wilkins 7:30 F 10
7 27 Emersyn Johnson 7:37 F 11
8 3 Luke Anderson 7:57 M 10
9 28 Atley Bybee 7:59 F 11
10 9 Heaton Zimmerman 7:59 M

11 8 Calen Zimmerman 8:00

12 7 Rowan Zimmerman 8:01

13 6 Bill Zimmerman 8:10

14 4 Steve McFetridge 9:25 m 52
15 2 Sue Dentinger 9:25 F 72
16 12 Sue Keller 9:41 F 58
17 14 Joshua Hershey 9:41 M 13
18 25 Sammy Gressley 11:22 F

19 24 Tyler Gressley 12:29 f

20 26 Matty Gressley 12:30 f

21 10 Peyton VanVleck 12:40 f 5
22 23 Kylie Gressley 12:45 f

30 18 Martha Mizuta 14:28:00

29 13 Jim Mizuta 24:45:00

31 19 Iran Trenkle 32:27:00


Place Bib# Name Time M/F Age Age Group Winner
1 163 Dave Gettle 18:34 M 32 Top Male Overall
2 161 Joesph (GUTS) 20:18 M 14 2nd Male Overall
3 138 Travis Page 21:26 M 40 Male 40-49
4 170 Marce Leyva 23:39 M 19 Male Under 20
5 154 Candace Carmichael 25:08:00 F
Overall Womens Winner
6 140 Jorge Moreno 23:22 M 45
7 162 Dathan Froerer 23:46 M 36 Male 30-39
8 126 Dellan Zimmerman 23:56 M

9 132 Bethany Flerchinger 24:12:00 F 31 2nd Womens overall
10 156 Kirt Achterman 24:51:00 m 15
11 166 Kelly Cobb 25:42:00 F 32 Female 30-39
12 139 Misty Page 25:59:00 F 40 Female 40-49
13 149 Cheri Hung 26:47:00 F 42
14 165 Lindsay Norman 26:48:00 F 63 Female 50 and over
15 151 Darylyn Capps 26:50:00 F 22 Female 20-29
16 168 Heather Michael 26:51:00 F 31
17 146 Pam Duncan 26:57:00 F 41
18 145 Mark Duncan 26:58:00 M 43
19 108 Megan Mott 27:39:00 F 26
20 172 Doug Stowers 27:58:00 M 44
21 127 Kyrie Zimmerman 28:29:00 F

22 143 Jody Sappe 29:17:00 F

23 102 Debbie Wolfe 29:21:00 F 29
24 171 Thalia Sanchez 30:16:00 F 24
25 174 Dallie Johnson 30:18:00 F 14 Female Under 20
26 173 Kelty Dwyer 30:19:00 F 15
27 103 Brady Wolfe 30:21:00 M 27 Male 20-29
28 134 Shanae Meacham 30:24:00 F 27
29 120 Jeff Wagner 32:19:00 M 56 Male 50 and over
30 121 Eileen Wagner 32:19:00 F 51
31 155 Jan Carmicheal 32:30:00 F

32 123 Daniel Sanderson 32:32:00 M 28
33 122 Erin Sanderson 32:33:00 F 28
34 128 Taige Zimmerman 32:37:00

35 176 Sophia Schons 32:37:00 F 21
36 119 Darrin Smith 33:13:00 M 9
37 137 Judy Genter 34:17:00 F 47
38 144 Madeline Fischer 34:31:00 f 53
39 113 Carson Dayton 37:35:00 M 8
40 110 Mark Dayton 37:40:00 M 45
41 111 Troy Dayton 38:30:00 M 6 youngest 5K runner!
42 112 Jenny Dayton 38:32:00 F 37
43 153 Kate William 38:35:00 F 12
44 130 Mindy VanVleck 38:35:00 F 33
45 104 Jim Trenkel 38:36:00 M 60
46 142 Charlan Heid 39:53:00 F

47 175 Rachel Schons 42:29:00 F 19
48 101 Andrea Cichoke 44:28:00 F

49 106 Kimberly Lucero 44:29:00 F 26
50 141 Teri Bonson 44:51:00 F 51
51 118 Lynette Anderson 45:14:00 F 49
52 117 Justin Bonazina 46:09:00 M 25
53 116 Josh Anderson 46:09:00 M 15
54 109 Drenda Browen 46:10:00 F 55
55 131 June Isaak 46:36:00 F 45
56 105 Terrie Maag 46:36:00 F 61
57 164 Yvonne Redding 46:37:00 F 61
58 157 Collen Hawley 46:37:00 F

59 152 Rhonda Erstrom 46:37:00 F

60 115 Theresa Arritola 46:38:00 F 38
61 114 Joe Arritola 46:40:00 M 39
62 136 Betsy Bates 46:42:00 F

63 135 Mary Jo Sharp 46:54:00 F

64 129 Joy Lockwood 46:55:00 F

65 147 Kylie Siddoway 47:54:00 F 11
66 150 Karsen William 50:43:00

67 178 Jeanne Williams 50:49:00 F 39
68 160 Olivia Wieland 53:03:00 F 5
69 158 Patty Barfield 53:14:00 F 55
70 159 Melissa Wieland 53:17:00 F 28
71 169 Kathy Macheal 53:19:00 F 52
72 167 Pat Murary 53:36:00 F 63

Place Bib# Name Time M/F Age Age Group Winner
1 215 Dr. Jim Boyle 48:07:00 M 60 Overall Male
2 209 Brian Yarbrough 48:22:00 M 40 2nd Overall Male
3 213 Dr. Patrick Barfield 48:36:00 M

4 201 Rick Wiggins 49:53:00 M 57 Male Over 50
5 206 Michelle Rucker 50:29:00 F 28 Women's Overall
6 211 Craig Bonson 53:26:00 M

7 214 Dave Hoffman 54:39:00 M 60
8 207 Alena Saunders 56:45:00 F 19 2nd Overall Woman
9 208 Bryce Marvin 56:45:00 M 22 Male 20-29
10 205 Cody Tschirgi 56:47:00 M 29
11 212 Melissa Jacobs 57:54:00 F 45 Women's 40-49
12 216 Rachel Johnson 59:31:00 F 39 Women's 30-39
13 203 Kyle Mazac 59:44:00 M 41 Male 40-49
14 204 Christina Zacarias 59:51:00 F 46
15 210 Melissa Towers 60:02:00 F 45
16 202 Ian Ross 60:41:00 M 50

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Come On Down

Tomorrow is the FunRUN!! If you haven't registered come on down! We will have LOTs of registration forms, and hopefully shirts to choose from (at least if you get there early).

We have 45 people pre-registered!!

There will be milk, bottles of water, and gaterade to drink. Apples and Banannas to snack on. And LOTS of door prizes to win!

Attached is the registration from. Come and Enjoy the Day!

-Thanks Coach Mary

Monday, June 2, 2014

Even MORE Sponsors!

I am just overwhelmed by the support we have gotten this year. Last night I had a few more parents contact me with sponsors.

Andersen Farms- Ontario- Silver
Maag Angus Farm- Silver
Curves Workout Center- Bronze
JPI/Y1 Farms- Bronze
Marchek Ranch- Bronze
Jamieson Produce- Bronze

And I know there might be a few more out there!

Thank YOU!!! To everyone who has donated so far!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

More Sponsors!!

I ran into Barb Anthony at Home Depot the other day and she said she would love to sponsor the race! So add Hawley's Meat Packing to the list of places to visit and support! Mark and Ed do a really great job on pigs and lamb (from our personal experience). Thanks Hawley's!!

Also. I realized we were low on race numbers (I think we had more runners last year than I thought!). I needed a more cost effecient version and so I contacted RoadID. If you haven't ever heard of them go check-out their website: We got custom race numbers with VALE FunRUN on them so those of you that love to keep your race numbers will be happy. They also gave us some gift cards for their products to use a raffles! If you go running without ID this is a great way to have it on you.

So Far are race sponsors are:
Roman's Parts and Machinery: GOLD
Malheur Drug:silver
Dairylain Farms: Silver
Logan's Market: Silver
RoadID: Silver
Hawley's Meat Packing: Bronze
Bandana Running: Bronze
Beverly Stubbs: Bronze

IF you want to be a sponsor or know of someone who does and you/they want on the flyer I am printing them MONDAY! So let me know by 9am Monday. Otherwise we will still take their money, just they will not make it on the flyer.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Runner's World Streaking

If you doing this let us know at the race. There will be a special door prize give-away to all those 'streakers'.



A HUGE Thank you to Roman's Parts and Machinery (or RPM), for agreeing to be our Title Sponsor!!! This means that a huge chunk of the FunRun funds that normally go to pay expenses has been covered!!! I am so thankful! So if you live in Vale or Farm in the surrounding area stop into Roman's and tell Courtney and the rest of the crew THANK YOU!!

Also thanks to Beverly Stubbs, grandmother to a few former XC runners...Jeremy, Jason, Derek, Garrett... and great-grandmother to my kids (hopefully future XC runners). For sponsoring an overall winner bag and being a Bronze Sponsor.

If you are interested in being a sponsor let me know. We had some interest from a few businesses in town yesterday too. If those come through we are about 80% cost free!

Thanks and keep training!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Mail.Donations.Important Notes

I am going to be printing the registration forms on postcards and sending them out in the mail this week. If you don't get one, I apologize in advance. Things to say the least have been crazy!

The High Schoolers are going to be going around and visiting shops this week also and putting out flyers. Please stop by the local business and get one if you don't get yours in the mail. I will have a special prize drawing for those that pre-register!

Please NOTE: 1milers will not get a t-shirt this year. If you want to buy a t-shirt they will be available for $5.00. Since most 1milers are kids we are doing the medals only this year. We will have shirts on race day, but they may not be your or your kids size, so pre-order them if you know you will want one :-)

5k and 10K do get a cotton t-shirt. You can "upgrade" to a performance t-shirt for $10.00 more. This does not mean you get 2 shirts. Just instead of a cotton you can 'upgrade' to the performance. They are going to be blue and super awesome!!!

Lastly, We have wonderful prizes coming in. So encourage everyone you know to come do the race!! And don't forget to pre-register!!!!!

Ok... Final FINAL Race Flyer is DONE

Friday, April 25, 2014

Race Sponsors!

Hello & Good Day!

I am writing to request a donation be made to the Vale 4th of July Fun Run, to be held on Friday the 4th of July 2014 in Vale, Oregon. We are a small town located 15minutes from Ontario, Oregon, and 115miles from Boise, the closest “big city” to us. The Vale 4th of July Fun Run is hosted by the Vale Chamber of Commerce and the Vale High School Cross Country Team. All profits benefit the Vale High School Cross Country Team.  I am attaching the registration form for this year’s race so that you can have a better idea of the events we are putting on. This is an annual event, and the third year the cross country team has helped to host and benefited from the profits.
We are asking for donations to help off-set the cost of putting on the race, so that all proceeds may go back to the students. Our school is an Oregon 3A, meaning less than 150 students graduate each year. We also live in a high poverty level area. All of this means that our athletic budget is very low, and that many of our student’s families cannot afford to offset it. Our goal with this year’s profits is to provide each of our runners with team gear, and pay for fees so we can go on a team Race Trip!! (Location TBD…more runners/donations, better location J
Below is a list of sponsorship levels. By becoming a sponsor your name will appear on our flyers, registration forms, blog, and Facebook Page. Along with these promotions, as the Assistant Coach of the team, I will gladly recommend my athletes to support your store/business.

Gold Sponsorship- Title Sponsor
Silver Sponsorship-Shared Sponsor
Bronze Sponsorship- Shared Sponsor
Donation items

Feel free to contact me with any questions. You can also visit us on our Facebook page@ Vale High School XC or blog site:
·         Gold Sponsorship- Title Sponsor. Large Company Logo on all promotional material, including race day t-shirts (at least 3” tall x proportionate width on shirts!). Amount: $800.00 or greater! This makes it so the shirts or lunch bags (our greatest expense is FULLY covered (woohoo!!). You just sponsored the biggest expense THANK YOU!
·         Silver Sponsorship-Shared Sponsor. Medium Company Logo on all promotional material, including race day t-shirt (2” space on shirts). Amount: $100.00 or greater.  This helps us cut down on the expenses of the shirts/printing/signs/advertisement that goes into making the race possible. It is a huge help towards getting the race completely paid for.
·         Bronze Sponsorship- Shared Sponsor. Company Logo on all promotional material and shirts (1” square if wanted). Amount: $50.00. Goes towards everything! Shirts/printing/signs/advertisement cost, and Prizes.  We have 4 grand prizes for overall winners this year, at $35.00 each. We have medals for all FunRun (1mile) kids runners and age group winners at $40.00 a set.  This donation would cover those and more!
·         Donation items to be used as prizes or give-aways. We draw names from all those entered in the race for give-away prizes.  This can be just about anything you choose to donate (new of course), and is a great way to get our customers in your doors as well. Gift Cards/Certificates are perfect for this donation as well as new items (Shampoo, Bags, Braclets, etc…) If you have your own business and would like to donate something this is a great way to do it.

We try very hard to only have one BIG fundraiser all year as we know your business gets solicited all year. Money or item donations in any amount are greatly appreciated. In my mind, running is a lifelong sport and makes for a healthier person both in body and mind. By helping us promote running, you are in turn, helping promote better people in our school and community.
            Thank you for your interest, and if nothing else please come join us on Friday, July 4th for the Vale FunRun, 10k, 5k or 1mile!

 Mary Chamberlain- Assistant Coach!