Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Runner's World Streaking

If you doing this let us know at the race. There will be a special door prize give-away to all those 'streakers'.



A HUGE Thank you to Roman's Parts and Machinery (or RPM), for agreeing to be our Title Sponsor!!! This means that a huge chunk of the FunRun funds that normally go to pay expenses has been covered!!! I am so thankful! So if you live in Vale or Farm in the surrounding area stop into Roman's and tell Courtney and the rest of the crew THANK YOU!!

Also thanks to Beverly Stubbs, grandmother to a few former XC runners...Jeremy, Jason, Derek, Garrett... and great-grandmother to my kids (hopefully future XC runners). For sponsoring an overall winner bag and being a Bronze Sponsor.

If you are interested in being a sponsor let me know. We had some interest from a few businesses in town yesterday too. If those come through we are about 80% cost free!

Thanks and keep training!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Mail.Donations.Important Notes

I am going to be printing the registration forms on postcards and sending them out in the mail this week. If you don't get one, I apologize in advance. Things to say the least have been crazy!

The High Schoolers are going to be going around and visiting shops this week also and putting out flyers. Please stop by the local business and get one if you don't get yours in the mail. I will have a special prize drawing for those that pre-register!

Please NOTE: 1milers will not get a t-shirt this year. If you want to buy a t-shirt they will be available for $5.00. Since most 1milers are kids we are doing the medals only this year. We will have shirts on race day, but they may not be your or your kids size, so pre-order them if you know you will want one :-)

5k and 10K do get a cotton t-shirt. You can "upgrade" to a performance t-shirt for $10.00 more. This does not mean you get 2 shirts. Just instead of a cotton you can 'upgrade' to the performance. They are going to be blue and super awesome!!!

Lastly, We have wonderful prizes coming in. So encourage everyone you know to come do the race!! And don't forget to pre-register!!!!!

Ok... Final FINAL Race Flyer is DONE