Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pictures of t-shirts! and medals!!!

Here are pictures of our medals and t-shirts. The t-shirts are getting gone quick! So if you want to ensure you get one on race day PLEASE pre-register.

I will take pre-register price up till the 2nd. Then I have to sit-down and put all the info in the computer for Thursday's race.

We have Chocolate and White (aka regular) Milk on it's way. Apples and Bananas. And since it's going to be soooo hot, we also have otter-pops for the kids.

Thanks again for all the support!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kids FunRun

I should clarify on the kids 4 and under. If they will want a shirt you do need to pay an entry fee for them. If they are ok with just a medal they are free.

I will have a small number of kids XS and S shirts. So PLEASE pre-register if you want one!



Hey Everyone! Please try to get your pre-registrations in the mail today! Or at least next week. I will honor any pre-registration prices through July 2nd. After that you really shouldn't mail them :-).

The medals came yesterday. They are AWESOME! A lot heavier than I expected. All Kids that finish should be able to get a medal... of course if you don't pre-register I cannot gareentee this. Also, there are medals for the top age groupers this year!

Race bibs are here too! I did custom bibs, as I know a lot of us runners love to keep our bib numbers (I used mine in collage as wallpaper :-).

T-shirts will be in Friday (tomorrow!!), and I am super excited to see how they turned-out.

Once again- PLEASE try to pre-register. Send all registrations to me:
Mary Chamberlain
4654 John Day Hwy.
Vale, OR 97918

Remember Kids 4 and under are FREE!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shirts Ordered!!

We officially have shirts ordered and medals for the kiddos!! Stay tuned for pictures in two weeks. This year I went with blue shirts with our awesome logo. I figured kids don't need any more white shirts. The 4th of July is messy enough without adding to it with a bright, new, white t.

Remember to send in those registration forms.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Medals and Race Numbers

Hello!! I am getting really excited about the 4th Fun Run! We are 1month away!!! I ordered race numbers today. They are customized this year for all of ya'll that like to hang your numbers up and save them. Also, I am looking at getting medals for the little kids this year! So if you have a little one that plans to run, PLEASE PRE-REGISTER!! So that they can for sure get a medal!

On that note- PLEASE PRE-REGISTER!!! You can save $5.00 per race for the 5 and 10k events, and $2.00 for the 1mile.

Also- Kids not yet in school (under 5) are FREE!!! I forgot to put this on the race flyer. They are enough to handle as it is without having to pay for them :-) (Can you tell I have a 3.3/4 year old?)

Lastly, BIG thanks to all of the sponsors and donors that are coming through for us.

See you in a month!-Mary

Sunday, June 2, 2013


For those interested in the 4th of July race, you will SUPER excited to find-out we have a number of different businesses in Vale and Ontario signed-up for donations this year. Our door prizes are going to be amazing! Please try to register early to ensure you get your shirt the day of the race!

BTW- the t-shirts are pretty awesome also. We are going to have light blue colored shirts this year! With a new logo! They are pretty fantastic!

There will be finisher medals for all the kids this year also. Stay tuned for more updates!

Coach Mary