Sunday, June 1, 2014

More Sponsors!!

I ran into Barb Anthony at Home Depot the other day and she said she would love to sponsor the race! So add Hawley's Meat Packing to the list of places to visit and support! Mark and Ed do a really great job on pigs and lamb (from our personal experience). Thanks Hawley's!!

Also. I realized we were low on race numbers (I think we had more runners last year than I thought!). I needed a more cost effecient version and so I contacted RoadID. If you haven't ever heard of them go check-out their website: We got custom race numbers with VALE FunRUN on them so those of you that love to keep your race numbers will be happy. They also gave us some gift cards for their products to use a raffles! If you go running without ID this is a great way to have it on you.

So Far are race sponsors are:
Roman's Parts and Machinery: GOLD
Malheur Drug:silver
Dairylain Farms: Silver
Logan's Market: Silver
RoadID: Silver
Hawley's Meat Packing: Bronze
Bandana Running: Bronze
Beverly Stubbs: Bronze

IF you want to be a sponsor or know of someone who does and you/they want on the flyer I am printing them MONDAY! So let me know by 9am Monday. Otherwise we will still take their money, just they will not make it on the flyer.


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